Best Collaboration Software makes it easier for teams to stay connected, productive, and on schedule. Keep everyone up to date without email overload and stay focused on the task at hand by easily sharing knowledge and tasks.

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One platform for workforce communication

  • Discuss projects, share ideas, and get work done in real time.

  • Create shared to-dos with your team, updates, poll for opinions; all in one place!

  • Take control of your team with flexible, multilevel user access and permissions.

  • Access and manage your team from any device, at any time.

best collaboration software

Channel Management

Create and manage different channels for better team collaboration and communication. Keep every team member well connected and stay updated with channel management.

channel management
public channels

Public Channels

Create channels that are accessible to everyone in your organisation, and let employees to join voluntarily. Invite your employees to contribute their thoughts and ideas in a group environment.

private channels

Private Channels

Messages and files can be seen by a select group of team members via private channels. Make decisions with your team and keep all information confidential.

create unlimited channels

Create Unlimited Channels

Communicate with your team indefinitely using public and private channels that don't have a cap on the number of messages you may send.

add unlimited members

Add Unlimited Members

Add multiple users to groups and channels in order to communicate with all of the team members at the same time.

Find out more about Channel Management

Third-Party Integrations

Combine with various third-party integrations like Google Drive, Calendar, and many more.

third-party integrations
google drive integration

Google Drive Integration

Connect your Google Drive account with to share files from the cloud without leaving the conversation.

google calendar integration

Google Calendar Integration

Integrate with Google Calendar and check your daily schedule, create new events, and receive timely meeting reminders without leaving the conversation.

google meet integration

Google Meet Integration

Save time by integrating Google Meet and allowing your team to join video calls without switching context.

Find out more about Third-Party Integrations

Voice and Video Calls

Interact with your employees and discuss work status from anywhere with voice and video calls.

voice and video calls
video calling

Video Calling

Work more efficiently and smartly by communicating with your employees over a video call, even when you are far from workspace.

share your screen

Share Your Screen

Engage in a video conference call with your team and share your screen to get down to the essentials of the details that matter.

easy connectivity

Easy Connectivity

Easily communicate with your team members, whether you are working from home or from another location around the world.

voice calling

Voice Calling

Make use of the voice calling feature to join calls instantly without having to leave your current conversation.

Find out more about Voice and Video Calls

Mobile Access

Collaborate, communicate, get easy access from anywhere with an easy-to-use mobile access application.

mobile access
mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly features a mobile-friendly layout that allows you to seamlessly communicate with your team while on the go.

real-time communication

Real-time Communication

Communicate with your team instantly on your mobile device even when you are not on your work desk



Real-time notifications on your mobile device allow you to stay updated and get the messages promptly so that you can avoid delays in communication.

connect from anywhere

Connect from Anywhere

Stay connected with your team even if you are traveling and get immediate notifications for urgent tasks.

Find out more about Mobile Access

Private Messaging

Create a private message with a teammate which will help two people remain connected and coordinated. They share files, images, documents and more in their private message stream.

private messaging
secure 1-1 and 1-n messaging

Secure 1-1 and 1-N Messaging

Collaborate and communicate securely by sharing ideas and feedback about work-related topics.

pin messages

Pin Messages

Important messages are pinned to the top of the conversation for all group members or for oneself to never forget or readily access.

share files securely

Share Files Securely

Integrate with third-party app like Google Drive, desktop, mobile and securely share the files..

secure video calls

Secure Video Calls

Collaborate with employees who work remotely using secure video conferences, which allow you to discuss projects and work reports in real time.

Find out more about Private Messaging

Channel Messaging

Send a message directly in any channel using broadcast messages, and it will be transmitted to all members of your team at the same time.

channel messaging
send messages in public channels

Send Messages in Public Channels

Create public channels and send messages to everyone in your organization. Let your team members come together and share their ideas.

easy live collaboration

Easy Live Collaboration

Remove any obstacles that may exist between employees, such as distance or time zones. It lets individuals to converse in real time even if they are not in the same room.

share privately

Share Privately

Share your messages with specific team members in private channels. Non-members can not access the files or chats of the private channel.



Using thread messaging, you stay connected to the ongoing conversation. It aids in the avoidance of misunderstandings in a large number of ongoing talks.

Find out more about Channel Messaging

File Sharing

Collaborate with your team. Share files and documents within conversations and add context to keep your team on the same page.

file sharing
easy file sharing

Easy File Sharing

Send any files or documents in a one-on-one chat or team channel by simply attaching them.

secure file sharing

Secure File Sharing

Share all your files securely and privately in messages. Allow team members that are added to private channels to access the files.

pin files

Pin Files

Pin essential files in team channels and personal conversations to easily access them later.



Get your files synchronized even if you switch from one device to another.

Find out more about File Sharing

Notes Management

Add information such as project details, deadlines, reminders, and more to notes by saving them as draught messages in the chats.

notes management
organize tasks with notes

Organize Tasks with Notes

Work on your priority list with easy management of your information and notes.

detailed notes

Detailed Notes

Make critical decisions that can impact your team and its productivity by having a record in the form of detailed notes.

easy formatting

Easy Formatting

Use built-in rich text formatting and make your notes easy to format. Add bulleted notes, hyperlinks, and more.

post & remind

Post & Remind

Draft notes with details and notify your team members in multiple channels.

Find out more about Notes Management

Member Directory

Search and message any organization member, which helps you quickly connect on a follow-up without wasting time. You can send messages and files to any team member in the directory instantaneously.

member directory
find team members

Find Team Members

Use member directory to search and find any team member efficiently.

add unlimited members

Add Unlimited Members

Add multiple team members into the member directory and instantly reach out to them.

send direct messages

Send Direct Messages

Send messages and files to any team member in the directory from various channels.

Find out more about Member Directory

Archiving and Pin

Get better results by pining and archiving your messages in different conversations and direct messages.

archiving and pin
save important data

Save Important Data

Save all your critical data, such as protocol process and other project details, by pinning them in the chats.

pin message for all

Pin Message for All

Send messages in team channels and pin those for all the team members. Allow every team member to access the pinned messages.

manage pinned messages

Manage Pinned Messages

Hover over the message that you’d like to pin. Easily access pinned messages in the conversation details.

Find out more about Archiving and Pin

Real-time Editing

In real time, you can edit or remove your message or file. Error-free communication is easier when  conversation is clear and accurate.

real-time editing
message editing

Message Editing

Edit your messages or delete them that have already been sent, all in real-time.

format editing

Format Editing

Deliver clear and correct text messages using links, colored fonts, bullet points, and more. You can format the text by adding different styles.

add attachments

Add Attachments

Add and share files in existing messages if you forgot to do so in the first place.

Find out more about Real-time Editing

Mentions and Tagging

Send immediate notifications and update employees by tagging them using @mentions.

mentions and tagging
easy to assign tasks

Easy to Assign Tasks

Allocate the tasks directly to a team member by mentioning their name with @ symbol along with the task message.

notify a member

Notify a Member

Alert the member of your team directly and send them notifications for vital messages or tasks directed to them.

tag your entire team

Tag Your Entire Team

Get the attention of your entire team members for critical messages in the channel by using the @all symbol.

select from list

Select From List

Mention any member of your team by selecting their name from the list. Begin with @ symbol and get the list of all members of the particular channel.

Find out more about Mentions and Tagging

Live Chat

Connect and collaborate with your team from any location through real-time messaging and enhance your productivity.

live chat
convenient messaging

Convenient Messaging

Message from anywhere at your convenience and notify members about crucial questions to get answers instantly.

enhances the mobility

Enhances the Mobility

Connect with the team easily while working from home or office. Stay connected with the organization from any place.

boost your productivity

Boost Your Productivity

Get instant solutions to your problems with live chat, which will ultimately improve your productivity.

save your time

Save Your Time

Chat with team members instantly without waiting to meet them and get solutions. Save your time and proceed further.

Find out more about Live Chat

Team Chat

Share your viewpoint and help your team members to understand the core concepts by easy messaging.

team chat
channel notifications

Channel Notifications

Stay active and alert with the instant channel notifications and manage all the information progressively.

get instant feed

Get Instant Feed

See the most important messages and mentions all in one place and get a brief overview of what is happening with the project.

pin important messages

Pin Important Messages

Pin your important messages and files for easy access to yourself or all team members.

easy project management

Easy Project Management

Team managers can easily organize the projects into different channels and access correct information about a project.

Find out more about Team Chat

Real-time Notifications

Receive real-time notification of all messages and data shared across all of the devices connected to the network.

real-time notifications
send in-app alerts

Send In-app Alerts

Send messages with real-time notifications and react instantly for better results.



Get notified when you receive messages through pop-ups with audio alerts.

turn off notifications

Turn Off Notifications

Turn message notifications off for a specific period and avoid hassle when busy doing work.

alert specific member

Alert Specific Member

Send messages using @mentions and send instant notifications to the right person.

Find out more about Real-time Notifications

Integrated Search

Team members, files and other important data can be accessed using Integrated Search in the member directory or message feed.

integrated search
search essential messages

Search Essential Messages

Find any messages from the message feed that are important to you and pin them to use later.

instant file searching

Instant File Searching

Locate any file with its name using the search box to get the necessary files you previously missed in conversations.

locate team members

Locate Team Members

Find any team members with their names through the search box when you want to communicate privately or in a team.

Find out more about Integrated Search

Audio and Video Recording

Create short audio and video messages using to provide a better narrative while assigning work, and giving a work update, product demo, or step-by-step instructions.

audio and video recording
audio recording

Audio Recording

Use Audio clips to emphasize a point, provide feedback, or add context to a conversation. Convey your message more clearly than texting.

video recording

Video Recording

Express your thoughts, concerns, and feedback precisely. Add valuable narrative to your communication by recording your video when necessary.

easy sharing

Easy Sharing

Share important files and documents on channels or in private chats quickly and simply. Record your audio and video and share them with only a few clicks.

secure sharing

Secure Sharing

Keep your data safe from unauthorized access and share numerous files securely with anyone across your organization.

Find out more about Audio and Video Recording

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