Mobile Access

to access the app from a mobile device

Collaborate, communicate, and get easy access to the app anywhere from your mobile device.

Mobile Access

Experience Uninterrupted Connectivity with Mobile Access

Send and receive messages directly or in a channel to your team members through mobile devices from anywhere

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mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

Make communication easier among teams. for mobile has intuitive and user-friendly interface through which you can connect with your team easily on the go.

real-time communication

Real-time Communication

Share information with your team in real-time through channels or privately. Also use for intra-office communication, project management, and so much more.



Real-time notifications on your mobile device allow you to stay updated and get the messages promptly so that you can avoid delays in communication.

connect from anywhere

Connect from Anywhere

Stay connected with your team members, no matter where they are. Notifications will show up on your desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to work on one device or the other depending on what’s most convenient.

What is the Mobile Access Feature?

It is a convenient feature that allows you to access all your channels and conversations through any device. With this feature, you can unlock the power of enhanced collaboration through mobile for better project management.

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