Channel Messaging

to instantly connect with your team

Message directly in any channel using broadcast messages and reach all the members of your team instantly.

Channel Messaging

Stay Connected with your Team through Channel Messaging

Respond to different queries of your team members and monitor them while working and sharing files, messages in channels

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send messages in public channels

Send Messages in Public Channels

Create public channels and send messages to everyone in your organization. Let your team members come together and share their ideas.

easy live collaboration

Easy Live Collaboration

channel messaging will Connect with your respective channel members in real-time to get instant solutions to your project-related problems.

share privately

Share Privately

Share your messages with specific team members in private channels. Non-members can not access the files or chats of the private channel.



Make it easier to stay on topic with threads. Creating threads for discussions ensures that others don't need to scroll back through your chat history to reach the present.

What is Channel Messaging?

Channel messaging is a feature that allows you to create different channels and share the data you want regarding your project. With real-time alerts, your team can get instant notifications that efficiently enhance doing various tasks.

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