Encrypted Instant Messaging

send messages instantly and securely

Send and receive messages directly or in a channel to your team members through instant messaging from any location.

Encrypted Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging with Teams in Real-time

Stay in touch with your co-workers and communicate with them easily. This can help you stay connected with your work and help you get things done quickly

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channel management

Channel Management

By exchanging information, taking decisions, and staying in sync, you may collaborate to accomplish projects via channel management from anywhere in the world.

private messaging

Private Messaging

File sharing and communication made simpler in a secure environment. Individually assign assignments or receive updates without involving other team members.

mobile access

Mobile Access

Use mobile access to communicate with team members and stay in touch to improve collaboration throughout your organisation.

What is Instant Messaging?

Instant messaging is a type of online communication that offers real-time text transmission over the internet. Utilizing this service users can communicate in a fast and convenient way. Instant messaging encourages transparency and regular communication in the workplace. You can assist reinforce company objectives and instructions regularly by using chat channels for feedback, support or appreciation.

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