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Overview by 500apps is a collaboration software that helps teams work more efficiently together. With, teams can chat, share files, and work on projects together in real time. The application makes it easy for teams to stay organized and on track, and it offers a variety of features that make collaboration easy and efficient. by 500apps is a cloud-based set of tools and services for team collaboration. It is designed to streamline communication between team members and to provide a central location for all team-related information. The team collaboration software includes a variety of features, including real-time messaging, file sharing, searchable history, and integration with a number of third-party tools and services.

Getting Started -

For using utilize the following steps shared below.

  • Go to > Select Collaboration from the top bar > Select

Getting Started with

  • If you have already used the app, you can choose in the Recent Accessed Apps section

Getting Started with

Customize Preferences and Themes

To customize the Interface, you can choose the options infused into our fully customized interface. Click on the Setting icon on the top right corner of your Infinity suite dashboard.


Own the workspace by providing useful user information for your team to personalize the application.

Click on Preferences option in the Setting dropdown. Fill the Personal info section for all the users in the workspace to see your basic contact details along with the display image. You can choose the display image from the pre-existing options OR update the image by uploading an image from your device's local storage.


Select Preferences > Preferences - to change the language and currency annotation for your workspace. You have access to choose the themes & preferences with the diverse list of options shown below to make the dashboard personlaized.

Color Scheme

  • Overall light or dark presentation - View your dashboard in a vibrand mix of dark & light colors
  • Light mode - Use a white background for your screen, to enjoy a fresh & bright experience
  • Dark mode - Showcase your entire dashboard & its content in dark mode

Navigation Position

  • Top or left hand side navigation - To set up the navigation bar on the top or left of the 500apps Infinity dashboard
  • Side nav - To set up the navigation bar on the top or left of the 500apps Infinity dashboard
  • Top nav - To set up the navigation bar on the top or left of the 500apps Infinity dashboard

Sidenav Sizing

  • Full size - Maximize icon size to show the cateogory of the app & the app names
  • Icons - Show only symbols of the category of the app, with full app name (used to increase white space on your dashboard )

Navigation Color

  • Inverted - Invert the color of the dashboard
  • Vibrant - To apply a vibrant theme to your screen

Navigation Color

To integrate with any 3rd party app, copy the API key from the Preferences dropdown under "Developers" section & paste it onto the 3rd party app’s integration key section.

Navigation Color new

Invite Teammates to Your Workspace

You can add an unlimited no. of users to your workspace - provided the users are already registered to 500apps Infinity suite & its plans.

Manage Project Members

  • Click on Settings > Manage users > Invite users to add new users to your workspace

Adding Users to Your Workspace

  • Mention the user’s official email & mention the level of authorization provided to the said user
  • Click on the "+" symbol next to Direct Messages & choose the new user from the Users dropdown menu
  • You will be able to see the new user with his/her offical user name on your apps's dashboard

Manage Direct Messaging

Send direct messages to individuals & teams by directly clicking on the user name in the Direct Messages dropdown.

After clicking on the user you want to message - type the message & press Send arrow (or Press Enter) to send the message.

Direct messages

Features in the messaging system of include:

  • Use the emojis icon to engage with users

  • Bold, Italic, Underline, or Strikeout text using the specific buttons shown

  • Press the link button - to add a link to the message

  • Press the Code button - to maintain the syntax of the line(s) of code you wish to share

  • Press Bulletin points to show the context in lists

  • Highlight or fill color to the message (text using) the Select the background color or Select the text color button

  • Share a file/folder with the Attach files button

  • Send voice notes with the recording button

    Direct messages


  • You can add Reactions via emoticons to a particular thread/message, Click on the Emoji button & react to the message individually

  • You can reply to the message in the same thread by clicking on Reply on Thread

  • You can edit a message shared in the past by clicking on the Edit message

  • Delete a message shared in the past, by Clicking on the message & choosing Delete icon

Create and Assign Messaging Channels

The platform comes with a wide range of channel management features that help you get the most out of your direct messaging or group messaging need . Create private or public channels with team members.

Channel Management Capabilities

  • To add users, Click on Channels > + Symbol > Mention the details of the channel like Channel Name, Description , Make private & Members
  • After adding required users, click on Save

    Channel Management Capabilities

How to Manage Messaging Threads?

Many messaging applications allow users to participate in threaded conversations. In a threaded conversation, each message is grouped with all of the replies to that message. This allows users to follow the conversation more easily, as they can see all of the messages in one place.

Threaded conversations can be very helpful, but they can also be confusing and difficult to manage. If a user is not careful, they can end up with a large number of threads that are difficult to keep track of. For this reason, it is important for users to manage their messaging threads carefully.

A thread is a running commentary of all the messages sent in your chat app. To message in threads:

  • Hover over the message of the user
  • Click on Reply in Thread

Managing Messaging Threads

  • New Pop-up opens - Thread > Write a message like one uses the direct messages system > Click on Also send as direct message, if you wish to show the message immediately in the channel > Press Send

The same steps are applicable in groups (both private & public).

Managing Messaging Threads

  • You can also see all the threads through the threads button on the top right of your screen
  • You can engage with the conversations in which threads have been used, as shown on the right side of the image

Managing Messaging Threads

Prioritize Information with Pinned Messages

If you are running a business or need to communicate with a group of people regularly, then you may need to use pinned messages. By pinning messages, you can keep the most important messages at the top of the chat so that everyone can see them easily. This is especially useful for announcements, reminders, or any other message that you want everyone to see. Here, you can pin messages for easy reference & navigation.

Marking Pinned Messages

To setup pinned messages in a group or one-to-one chatbox:

  • Hover over the message
  • Click on the ":" button
  • Press Pin message or Pin message for all

Marking Pinned Messages

To view all pinned messages in the messaging thread, click on the Pin button. You will be able to view all the messages that are either pinned by you (if you pinned a message) or pinned for all.

Marking Pinned Messages

Manage Chat Mentions

There are a number of reasons why managing chat mentions is important. First, chat mentions can help you keep track of important conversations. If you see a chat mention, you can quickly jump to the relevant chat and see what is being discussed. This can be especially useful in large chat groups.

Chat mentions can also help you identify potential problems or issues. If you see a chat mention, you can quickly investigate the issue and take appropriate action.

It can help you build relationships with other members of the chat group. If you see a chat mention, you can reach out to the person who mentioned you and start a conversation. This can help you build stronger relationships with others in the chat group.

When mentioned in a channel or group with the nomenclature "@__" - one gets an immediate notification. You can also see all the mentions you have received - all under one window.

Managing Chat Mentions

  • Click on Mentions on the top left and you will see all the mentions you have received in the past

Setup PBXPlus Dialer for Calls

Every business has a different requirement and thus, we at 500apps provide an in-app integration with a personalized Business Phone system, providing you with a personalized setup for inbound calling. You can select the setup and features that you want for your business and your teams. This makes it convenient for you to use the dialer and get the best results from it.

  • To setup and own a personal email dialer - Click on the Phone symbol at the top right side of your dashboard

Personalized Setup Dialer

  • After clicking on the phone button, you will be able to configure and setup PBXPlus ( our powerful business phone system)
  • Choose the service provider & configure PBXPlus and enjoy secure business phone systems for your business

Personalized Setup Dialer

Utilize Video Conferencing in

Video conferencing is important in chat software because it allows two or more people to communicate with each other using a webcam and microphone. This type of communication is useful for businesses, as it allows for meetings to be held without the need to travel. It is also useful for friends and family who live in different parts of the world, as it allows them to keep in touch more easily. You can schedule immediate video calls with individuals and teams using

  • Open the user or the channel you wish to conduct a video meeting
  • Click on the video icon on the top right corner of the screen
  • A new pop window opens that enables 500Conference - 500apps Video conferencing software
  • Setup the video by giving the device rights and you will experinence a seemless HD video call with your teammates

Utilizing Video Conferencing on

How to Integrate Third Party Applications?

App integrations are important because they allow different software applications to communicate with each other and share data. This is important because it allows businesses to use the best software for each task, while still being able to share data between them. App integrations also make it possible to automate tasks, which can save time and money. You can choose from multiple integrations provided on the 500apps Infinty dashboard that your business currently uses.

  • Click on the Settings symbol at the top left corner > Apps

App Integrations

  • Search for the apps that you wish to Integrate with

App Integrations

  • Choose the 3rd party app you wish to add
  • Mention the Domain name & the API Key, post which you will be able to see the integrated app on your dashboard, under "#ZapUp"

App Integrations

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