Mentions And Tagging

to notify specific team members

Send direct alerts and inform coworkers by tagging them using @mentions.

Mentions And Tagging

Address your Messages to Specific Members with Mentions and Tagging

Create messages for particular members and tag them to highlight them in team conversations.

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easy to assign tasks

Easy to Assign Tasks

Allocate the tasks directly to a team member by mentioning their name with @ symbol along with the task message.

notify a member

Notify a Member

Alert the member of your team directly and send them notifications for vital messages or tasks directed to them.

tag your entire team

Tag your Entire Team

Get the attention of your entire team members for critical messages in the channel by using the @ all symbol.

select from list

Select from List

Mention any member of your team by selecting their name from the list. Begin with @ symbol and get the list of all members of the particular channel.

What is Mentions and Tagging?

With this feature, you can easily tag or mention any team member in different channels. By tagging or mentioning, you can directly notify them and avoid lengthy scrolling to read the most important messages.

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